Training and regeneration

Dariusz Rewers, Polish runner, a multiple winner of trail ultramaratons, and  champion in orienteering visited our Residence in the beginning of the season.

Dariusz Rewers participated in many trail ultramarathons. The last one was  the Formoza Ultramaraton (100 nautical miles (180 km)) in which he ranked 2nd place. After competiotion he came to Białogóra to visit our Residence and to regenerate his body.
In our Residence we have the swimming pool with live mud water which has unique healing properties for the runners. Mud water helps for example to regenerate joints and skin. After swimming in mud water Daiursz Rewers regenerated his body in Russian Banya which serves the process of biological regeneration.
The holiday in our Residence is a time to take care of your own body, relax, regenerate, regain peace and joy of life. It os also relax time in so beautiful surroundings of Białogóra reserve, on the charming beaches and in coastal forests. 
Around our Residence there is a seaside forest with beautiful tourist routes. People who prefer an active lifestyle will find many opportunities to play sports, especially running, nordic walking, cycling and swimming.

During his stay at the Residence, Dariusz Rewers also had the possibility of light running training, along the unusually charming seaside. During regeneration, the diet is equally important. In the Residence’s restaurant, the menu is based mainly on the sea fishes and venison. Such dishes provide a lot of proteins and vitamins. They do not contain antibiotics and various chemical compounds added to feed. That’s why during training and regeneration it is worth eating in such way that the body quickly returns to the best form.

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